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TikTok Ads

  • TikTok Conversion Ads
  • TikTok Ads on e-commerce platforms
  • Advertising increases views and follows TikTok channel
  • TikTok Shop Ads

Facebook Ads

  • Rent a Facebook Invoice account
  • Facebook/Instagram conversion ads
  • Facebook ads on e-commerce platforms
  • Advertising increases views, interactions, and fanpage messages

Google Ads

  • Rent a Google Invoice account
  • Google/Youtube conversion ads
  • Advertising increases YouTube views


  • Facebook livestream ads
  • Fanpage Green check mark service
  • Turn on fanpage livestream advertising
  • TikTok Shop livestream ads

Commercial floor

  • TikTok Shop service
  • Shop Mall registration service
  • TikTok Shop booth setup service
  • Commercial floor operation services

Web Marketing

  • Website design service
  • Landing page design service
  • Website care service
  • Overall SEO service
  • Domain name registration service
  • Hosting rental service

Content Marketing

  • Production of multi-channel ads videos
  • Short video channel building service
  • KOLS – KOC booking service
  • Lookbook product photography service
  • Sign up for TikTok/Facebook green check mark

Overall Marketing Solution

  • Analyze business indexes.
  • Make strategic plan
  • Make strategic plan to optimize website SEO
  • Make strategic plan to optimize advertising
  • Make plan to produce content periodically

Introducing Admatrix

Admatrix is a reputable advertising agency, providing effective advertising solutions, make stratagic plan to target sales growth, conversion, and customer information Building a brand for sustainable and breakthrough online growth.

Admatrix Agency is a TikTok Partner and a Facebook Partner.

TikTok Marketing Solution

It can be seen that TikTok is gradually becoming a popular platform, especially among young people. However, how to reach this potential customer is a difficult problem. If anything is difficult, Admatrix can solve it. We bring you the entire TikTok Marketing solution suitable for each need and stage of your business.

  • Comprehensive TikTok Marketing Service
  • TikTok ads service
  • TikTok Shop service
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Facebook Marketing Solution

Social networks are often the first choice of sellers who want to do business online, especially the Facebook platform. So how to reach the right target customer group? How to have an effective fanpage building strategy? Admatrix would like to bring you Facebook Marketing service packages.

  • Facebook ads service
  • Facebook ads account rental service
  • Facebook fanpage care service

Google Marketing Solution

If you own a sales website, Google Marketing is no longer strange. However, not everyone knows how to optimize activities on Google. With Google Marketing services, Admatrix will support you with ways to collect quality data at the most reasonable cost.

  • Google Ads service
  • Rent a Google ads account
  • YouTube ads service
  • Website SEO service

Livestream Sale Solution

Selling via livestream is no longer strange to businesses as this is a good form that both helps increase interaction with customers and boost sales in a short period of time. However, how to attract a large number of viewers; How to have a high conversion livestream is always a question many people ask. That is also the reason why Admatrix wants to provide you with this Livestream sales solution.

Facebook Livestream Ads

Not only do we run ads for livestream sessions, we also provide index reports to help you optimize your livestream sales activities.

TikTok Livestream Ads

In addition to running, we will support you during the livestream session to avoid policy violations.

Live Room Setup Consulting

A well-groomed surrounding space with appropriate sound and lighting equipment are necessary elements to help make the live session attractive.

Comprehensive Livestream Strategy Consulting

For new sellers, it is normal for the first livestreams to have no customers, so we will help advise from how to set up, to how to run standard ads.


Ecommerce Floor solution

Tiktok Shop

Shopee Mall

Lazada Mall

Tiktok Shop

Shopee Mall

Lazada Mall

How to make e-commerce store more professional and how to increase the reputation of the brand on the e-commerce floors is always Admatrix’s concern when providing solutions for e-commerce floors.

  • TikTok Shop service.
  • Shop Mall registration service.
  • TikTok Shop setup service.
  • Commercial floor operation services.

Web Marketing solution

A website is not simply a means of business or an interface for an Internet seller. Website is the brand, the identity, and the voice of the business. For that reason, Admatrix always tries its best to provide customers with the most professional website services.

  • Website design service.
  • Landing page design service.
  • Website care service.
  • Overall SEO service.
  • Domain name registration service.
  • Hosting rental service.
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Content Marketing solution

Content is not just words, content is the premise for all business activities from setup, branding, running ads,… Building content solutions to create data and a solid foundation for your business. It is our responsibility.

  • Production of multi-channel advertising videos.
  • Short video channel building service.
  • KOLS – KOC booking service.
  • Lookbook product photography service.
  • Sign up for TikTok/Facebook green check mark.

Overall Marketing solution

Marketing is an extremely important factor for every business. If the website or social networking sites are the place to ‘attract’ customers, then marketing is the way to attract the right potential customer group to the above platforms. Admatrix would like to bring comprehensive Marketing solutions, suitable for each stage of business development.

Business Index Analysis

Make Detailed Campaign Plan

Make Plan to Optimize Advertising Campaigns

Make Plan to Produce Content Regularly


Typical customers

For us, each customer is a family member, so we always devote 1000% dedication and enthusiasm to every request.

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Always enthusiastic and professional

Admatrix's operating motto

Formal process

We always focus on official solutions. Say no to black hat tricks, exploding money, and fake data. Periodically transparent reports for you.

Effective solution

Admatrix's orientation only focuses on effective solutions that help increase sales, conversions, and customer information. The solutions have been tested and implemented.

Special stategy

Our strategy is always adapting and innovating. Focus on researching directions that bring practical results. Don't ramble on less valuable directions.

Create multiple touch points

Admatrix always tries to help customers have an overall strategy regardless of a platform or solution. (Don't put all your eggs in one basket).

Specialized process

In management, the team always aims for specialization in the expertise of leaders and support staff. The solution for the customer must serve a specific goal.

Enthusiastic customer care

Every customer and partner of Admatrix is always respected and enthusiastically consulted. Customer service must come from the heart.

of Admatrix

Each employee is professionally tested

Support team

The success of a project is indispensable for collective action. We are always proud to have a team with many years of experience implementing hundreds of large and small projects. Spanning many digital marketing services.

Tran Hoang Quan

CEO & Founder

He is major responsible for the projects, research and training for the personnel levels below.

Nguyen Dinh Thien

Website Solution Manager

Responsible for the company’s website and all customer projects. Responsible for and coordinating personnel to implement internal website activities and customer projects.

Tran Phi Giao

Solution Manager

Take on the role of understanding processes and solutions. Coordinate implementation activities for subordinate personnel. Ensure the project is implemented on schedule and KPI.

Nguyen Viet Duc

Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for managing the company’s research and development and technology needs. Orientate technology strategy, drive innovation and manage the technical team.

Do Thi Thuy An

TikTok Solution Manager

Mainly responsible for the company’s TikTok segment. Strategic direction, adjusting policies, plans and coordinating the team below. Ensure TikTok projects are implemented according to plan and KPI.

Ngo Thu Nga

Web Developer (DEV)

Responsible for implementing website projects for the company and customers.

Tran Vu Tho Tien

Facebook Ads

Responsible for implementing advertising projects on the Facebook platform.

Pham Thi Kim Thanh

Facebook Ads

Responsible for implementing advertising projects on the Facebook platform.

Nguyen Thị Thu Quynh

Sale Staff

Responsible for consulting and customer care positions for the company.

Nguyen The Duy

Web Developer (DEV)

Responsible for implementing website projects for the company and customers.

95% of customers give good reviews

Customer reviews

After using Admatrix’s Tiktok Ads advertising service, I am very satisfied that the company has fully supported me in creating the most optimal advertising campaigns within my budget.

I feel very comfortable when cooperating with Admatrix. You are a reliable partner in developing Tiktok channel.

I currently own a channel on TikTok with a fairly high number of followers. So I contacted Admatrix to use your green deposit service. You have supported me wholeheartedly throughout the accumulation process with all your dedication.

After using Admatrix’s TikTok Shop service, I feel quite satisfied. It can be said that during the cooperation process, there were a few problems that arose, but overall, the results were still good. So it’s only 4 stars.

Because this is my first time doing business on TikTok, I immediately chose the overall TikTok Marketing service from Admatrix company. Overall the cooperation process is good, except for a few things related to deadlines, I think it’s quite ok.

I am quite satisfied with your Content Marketing service. Besides writing articles for my Facebook page, you also wrote scripts for video production. So good, so good. content.

I just completed a web marketing contract so I had to come here and write a review right away. Overall, it’s okay, I think it’s 4 stars for appearance, 4 stars for design, 4 stars for content. However, the customer service is 10 stars, texting at 2 am and they still reply.

I just finished using the comprehensive marketing service here because I just started a business so I also want to invest a little in marketing. Listening to the description, I think this service seems easy, anyone can do it, but after implementing it, I feel overwhelmed, I admire the marketers.

Satisfied, great service, only 4 stars. In general, the service is good. I use the Facebook Marketing service, but the problem is that there are gaps in communication. So I give it 4 stars because of the place, not the quality of service.

After using my company’s Facebook Marketing service, I feel quite satisfied. You have helped me optimize advertising at a fairly reasonable cost.

As soon as I made a sale, I had the intention of livestreaming it right away. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about livestreaming. Thanks to that, I had the opportunity to cooperate with Admatrix.

I heard that if you want to sell livestreams on TikTok, you need to book a KOC to make it easier to order. At first I only knew that, until I used Admatrix’s booking service that I better understood the role of KOC.

Effective marketing

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