What benefits does TikTok Ads bring?

TikTok Ads brings a complete full-funnel ad display model to marketing. Includes awareness layers (Brand recognition, Creating interest – interacting with the brand, attracting potential customers and converting into sales).

Admatrix Marketing Funnel

  • Brand Take Over
  • Top View
  • InFeed Ads
  • #hashtag challenge
  • Video Shopping Ads
  • Livestream Shopping Ads
  • Creative Tools
  • Tiktok Creator Marketplace

Complete set of TikTok advertising solutions for businesses

Focus on brand promotion, reaching the maximum number of users for the total campaign. Optimize costs in branding. Often loved by big brands.

Brand take over ads

An ad with a duration of 3-6 seconds, displayed as soon as the user opens Tiktok. Help brands build brand awareness. Convey the message in a short time.

Top view ads

It is a short and vertical video ad that appears as soon as the user opens the TikTok application, attracting users' attention, creating a natural and vivid experience for users.

Reach & frequency in – feed ads

Short video ad format, appearing naturally in the user recommendation page of the TikTok app. The advertisement will appear in the 5th position after 4 natural videos of Tiktok

The advertising formats and fees here focus on attracting the attention of users who click on the ad and pull it to the landing page, leave consultation information, install the app, and grow the TikTok channel viewers

Lead generation ads

It is a form of advertising to find potential customers by filling out a form to leave information. Users can easily leave details such as phone number, full name, email when interested in products/services.

App install

A form of advertising that focuses on actions that promote app installation. Helping units such as Game Mobile and applications develop user base.


A form of charging per click on a landing page or website. Units with e-commerce site systems pull traffic to the website, notably Shopee/Lazada, pulling promotions/offers to the website.

Engagement ads

This is a type of advertising aimed at increasing the number of people watching videos and following Tiktok channels. This advertising format is quite suitable for individuals who want to build a personal brand, KOLS/KOCs speed up profile development.

The placement model in this ad format focuses on optimizing the number of conversions and billing per action that the platform brings. Advertisers are required to declare actions and choose the type of action they want to optimize and charge for. That action can be filling out a form to leave information, clicking on a purchase button, calling, chatting on messenger – zalo, downloading the payment page…


A form of charging for a specific action. That action could be leaving information (purchase/consultation) by filling out a form, clicking a specific call-to-action button on the landing page such as clicking on Zalo, Messengers, Calling...

Catalog Sale

Almost similar to the action-based charging model but more improved. Automation is added to help e-commerce websites with a large number of products be automatically distributed by the AI machine learning system to optimize sales conversion, profit, and Re-Marketing on the TikTok platform.

Difference Admatrix – TikTok Agency

Official TikTok Ads partner
Official TikTok Shop partner
Official TikTok MCN partner (Multi Channel Network)

Admatrix is an agency specializing in Performance Marketing that exploits advertising on the platforms FB Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads, Zalo Ads.

With the goal of becoming a comprehensive advertising agency (Perfomance Marketing). We approached the Tiktok platform in early 2020 to expand files for customers using the service on other platforms. The team was surprised at the effectiveness brought by the Tik Tok platform. Thanks to that, it motivates the team to research deeply and develop many campaigns that bring high results.

Our service

Consulting and implementing strategies

We will advise on content strategies and models to reach users on the TikTok platform using advertising formats that can only be booked through the Agency. We will effectively deploy brand awareness campaigns on the TikTok platform on behalf of the brand.

Advertising interacts with the community

Focus on the landing page conversion advertising model. The purpose of customers filling out the form is to leave consultation information after viewing the landing page or performing a conversion action such as clicking on the call-to-action button on Zalo, Messengers, or calling.

Video shopping ads

With the rapid development of the TikTok e-commerce platform. Short video advertising activities that lead traffic to view products and buy products on TikTok Shop have been a main trend in the Tik Tok platform in recent years.

TikTok conversion ads

With the rise of e-commerce platform TikTok. Short video advertising activities that lead traffic to view products and buy products from TikTok shops will soon become the main trend in TikTok Ads in the near future.

Livestream shopping ads

Livestream sales and livestream advertising are the main types of sales activities on the TikTok platform. Combining with video shopping ads will help you grow sales and speed up ordering activities.

Offsite Marketing on TikTok ads

The goal of this service is to attract as many interested users from the TikTok platform to the shop page on Shopee/Lazada channel. Growth in sales and profits on e-commerce platforms.

Advertising TikTok messages

Surely you are familiar with Facebook Fanpage Messenger ads. Now TikTok offers Message Ads solutions for customer groups that require extensive and in-depth consulting such as Spas, Beauty Salons, high-value product groups, business service customer groups (B2B)...

TikTok Ads
implementation process

Admatrix is constantly improving its processes to bring the best advertising effectiveness based on market needs and customer comments:

Step 1

Receive needs, industries and types of campaigns. Advise on optimal and appropriate directions.

Step 2

Determine goals, budget, and unify KPIs. Sign the contract and transfer money to us.

Step 3

Receive information about landing pages, websites, apps, e-commerce shops. Optimize conditions to match policies and conversion rates to make TikTok ads.

Step 4

Test phase, in our process this phase is required. It usually lasts from 15 - 20 days to help evaluate, optimize, and eliminate subjective biases.

Step 5

In the screw phase, in the advertising process, we will eliminate ineffective campaigns and increase budget into effective campaigns to boost budget.

Step 6

Report periodically weekly and monthly, we will send detailed data, budget and results.

Largest TikTok ads spending accounts

TikTok Ads service price list

*** Please note: In 2024, the price list for advertising services will include an additional 5% VAT + 1.5% card charge fee.

TikTok shop video conversion ads

Increase tiktok shop views, promote tiktok shop to increase reach, add to cart

The cost of running ads is as follows:

✔ Budget under 30 million VND: From 15%

✔ Budget over 30 – 100 million VND: 12%

✔ Budget > 100 – 200 million VND: 10%

✔ Budget >200 – 500 million VND: 8%

✔ Budget over 500 million VND/month: 6%

Livestream Ads

Create whitelist livestream, ads livestream

Increase livestream views

Phí chạy ads livestream:

10% trên tổng ngân sách mỗi lần nạp

Increase followers

Conditions: increase at least 1,000 followers / 1 account

Costs are as follows:

Follow viral: 2.500VND / follow

Follow Branding: 2.700VND / follow

Increase views

Conditions: minimum run of 200k

Costs are as follows:

100VND / view

Landing Page/Website conversion advertisement

Run conversion ads to get potential customer data

Costs are as follows:

✔ Budget under 30 million VND: From 15%

✔ Budget over 30 – 100 million VND: 12%

✔ Budget > 100 – 200 million VND: 10%

✔ Budget >200 – 500 million VND: 8%

✔ Budget over 500 million VND/month: 6%

Our customers and campaigns

Partner comments about admatrix

Thu Nga Client, Nha Hoa Brand

It's great to cooperate with Admatrix, the staff is very enthusiastic and responsible. The videos that Nha Hoa ordered from Admatrix received a huge number of views. Thanks to that, the Nha Hoa brand is also known to more people. Sales are also increasing. Sincere thanks Admatrix.

Dinh Thien Nguyen Customer, tadivui.com

At tadivui.com, we need many advertising campaigns about travel reviews. Advertising needs to have a suitable strategy. Admatrix's TikTok advertising service has solved that. You are very reputable and professional!
Thank you and wish the company will develop further.

Hoang Nguyen Customer, websosanh

Admatrix has been with Websosanh for the past 3 years, it's great because you have created quality, aesthetic and well-groomed products. Websosanh's TVC videos or TikTok promotional videos have quite a large number of views. This is the result of a remarkable process of trying to improve.

Q&A Tiktok
for businesses

Admatrix Agency is ready to answer all your questions here. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need advice.

Up to this point, with a popular number of young users from 18 – 35, TikTok is very suitable for fashion, cosmetics, food, catering services, courses, pets… However,  user growth in the 35 – 55 age group is strong. TikTok is a destination that promises health products, premium services, and high-value goods.

For TikTok ads you can refer to our following strategy. Products/Services want to test their ability to bring sales and profits. It usually takes 15 – 20 days to evaluate the results. You can proactively test 3-5 new codes every month to find winning codes and increase your budget.

Yes, you can proactively ask us to suspend. We have experienced and understood when making products/services. Many problems will arise such as the order closing machine not being able to keep up, reasons for out of stock, reasons for temporary shutdown due to natural disasters… However, you should also note that you should notify the time frame and not take a break for too long. The operating mechanism of the advertising platform is machine learning over time. The effectiveness of previously run campaigns no longer produces the same results as before.

We will charge a service fee based on a % of the running budget.

  • The testing phase lasts from 15 – 20 days (20%/running budget).
  • Stability and optimization phase (15% / running budget).
  • Screw phase boosts budget (10% – 12% of running budget)

Because saying no to the problem of running out of money, running without wastage. We always try to maintain a budgeted balance in the running client account. So please deposit your advertising budget in advance and the service fee will be collected by Admatrix at the end of the month.

Customers will receive advice and support via Hotline, Facebook fanpage messages, Zalo group.

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Admatrix provides comprehensive – effective and streamlined TikTok Marketing services for customers who need to deploy advertising activities on the TikTok platform.

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